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Warcry: Extermination is a military recruitment simulation program created by Protectorate Of Man. As a super soldier, you'll take part in large scale battles against hundreds of vicious enemies in epic environments. Discover the universe of Warcry! Unleash your skill in various game modes and show others what you’ve got on online ladders!


NeoAxis Game Engine. An all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine for 3D simulations, visualizations and games. It's rich set of features, ease of use and and unrivaled development speed make it a primary choice for this team.

• We have invested a large amount of time to create a very solid core foundation and an unparalleled* development environment to work and communicate with developers over the internet.


Dream Powered Games is an indie development team made up of industry professionals as well as serious, experienced and talented people from the indie game development community.

Our small dedicated team is always welcoming talented, serious, and passionate individuals to work with us. If you are interested in our project, don’t hesitate to get in touch at mail


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